How In The World?

How in the world did I get here? Who are these people? Am I dreaming this?
Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If so, why?
Confused yet? Tired of questions? Care to respond?


Are you thinking? Not thinking? Not caring? Wondering where I’m taking this?

Your mind is ramped up; you’re wondering if you should keep reading this. Of course you should.
Hear that noise? You know, the noise that is all over your thoughts after reading the above. That noise that lets you know that your brain is working; that your thought processes have kicked in and are busily processing this data.

Conscious thought is great, but very noisy. Being in touch with your subconscious is to be in touch with your instincts. Your instincts know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. It taps the brain only when it needs facts, such as the date of an appointment, how to install a printer driver, or what temperature to set the oven.

Remember all the noise from earlier? If you were listening to your instincts, your thoughts would not have been churning away. If you know it, how much thought do you really need to give to it, right?

Losing your mind is not a bad thing, even though the times we use this saying have made it a negative statement. What losing your mind truly means is that you are able to live and breathe in this world happy as a clam, without the thoughts of the mind interfering. Are thoughts of the mind really that bad?

Consider this: how many of your thoughts include positives, affirmations, the go get ‘em kid moxie we all have inside? Write down your thoughts, even if for only an hour. Are they positive? Negative? Showing confidence, or making you seem as cowardly a rabbit? I bet they are more of the negative variety. Here’s why.

I learned, not too long ago, that thoughts are our reaction to things we have friction with. How many times were you cruising along the highway, listening to some great tunes, not even aware of the miles that were clicking by, before suddenly having your thoughts awakened by an extremely slow driver coming up in front of you? Or perhaps you are working on a project at work, and get an email from your boss saying to switch gears. Does your thought process kick in, or do your instincts seamlessly take in the change of direction and move forward.
So, have you lost your mind yet? You should; it’s freeing and makes for a smooth ride through life.


Published by caryjr73

I'm a freelance writer from Wisconsin, interested in just about anything. My primary focus areas in writing are alternative energy, technology, history, hiking and fantasy sports. Other areas I have experience writing about are travel, sports scouting, and environmental issues. I have many projects coming up, so stay tuned for more!

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