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Just Randomly Typing Along…

I was working on one of my book projects when my wrists started to get stiff and sore, as I am experiencing a bit of tendentious at the moment. Since I write my books out longhand before typing them, I took it as a hint to type out a quick blog post.

Today was a pretty unspectacular day in my world; wake up, rush through the typical Monday tasks, do some meditating, read a bit, scour the internet for article ideas or additional information for book projects, and of course a little bit of computer and phone shopping when an interval arose. A day of healthy eating paved the way to an evening of cream soda, flavored popcorn, and ice cream. Guess I’ll try the healthy eating thing again tomorrow, starting with an almond milk, banana, and blueberry smoothie.

So, what is my point here tonight, why am I sort of rambling on about these details? Well, I guess my point for this point is that sometimes there isn’t a point to something, a destination to arrive at, an ending on the horizon. You know that saying that goes along the lines of the best part of the trip isn’t where you are going, but is the journey itself?

That is where I am at tonight…on a journey to who knows where…I have no clue where it is I am going, just felt like writing some more even though my wrist was not in agreement with me. It is just a beautiful evening with a nice cool breeze, cat in my lap, Spotify cranking out tunes, and an empty bottle of cream soda sitting on my desk. Yup, that’s about it.

How can anything be more perfect than that?

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