Howling Wolf Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful form of energy healing that originated in Japan. Through the healing power of Reiki, one can find themselves relaxed, healed, or given a fresh perspective on life. Reiki can do no harm; it always works for the highest good of those that receive its energy. There are no rules in regards to Reiki, other than to be open to receiving it and respectful of its methodologies.

Put simply, Reiki will do what is best for your highest good…nothing more and nothing less.

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Growing In Practice, Growing In Self

After the New Year I found myself facing a number of questions as to where the practice of Reiki was going to take me…I felt as if I was on a boat without any paddles. I had been an RMT for a couple of months at that point, and was no closer to understanding what place I had within Reiki, nor where it would snuggly fit into my life. I had heard the call to be mastered by Reiki and to teach it, but none of the tangled paths that lay before me were calling my name. So now what?

In all of this thinking I had forgotten to have patience and to ask Reiki for guidance. Well, duh! So basic an idea that had escaped me up until that point; I’m really not sure how I overlooked it. Starting then, I began to use the distance symbol when asking to Reiki to flow during my self treatments, setting the intention of answering the questions that were most puzzling to me…questions about what direction I am to flow into. I continued to do this through the first half of January, including during a recent trip to Texas. My answers soon arrived.

First, I had several of my friends and family ask me if I could teach them Reiki, and I mulled it over here and there as to when an appropriate time would be. Out of the blue a date popped into my head for teaching my first ever Reiki class (which is this coming Saturday). Well, that answered one question. Everything just started to pull together at that point, and I learned on the fly all the little things that need to be done to hold class. I have since finalized my class outline, and the flow of the class is in mind, ready to go. And even though I am sure I will have forgotten something, I know that the energy in class will be something else and anyone that enters that space going forward will be charged with it the moment they enter.

Next, I was invited by my Reiki teacher to join my Reiki RMT classmate and a couple of other Reiki practitioners to volunteer in giving Reiki to exhibitors and their pets at a recent pet expo. The experience was wonderful, as was the flow of energy into all of the dogs and people that visited us that afternoon. They all left their sessions feeling lighter, calmer, and happier. Some that came to see us had not heard of Reiki, or have not received its energy before that day. The comments and the energetic differences that we saw after the session elevated all of our energies, too. It was great to work with such wonderful practitioners and spend the day flowing with Reiki.

It is great to see how things just start to fall into place when one places an intention to grow with the universe without attachment to the final outcome. What will the final outcome of all of this be? Does it really matter? Not really…I will just sit back and enjoy whatever comes along.


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